The Problem/need

Three decades of insurgency in Teso sub-region have left persistent suffering among the Iteso community. Cattle rustling by the Karamojong and the rebel activities in Teso and Bukedea in particular (1970’s, 1990’s to date) caused many deaths, displacements and uncontrolled destruction of property. These impediments subsequently caused the communities' most pressing challenges such as; orphanage, abject poverty, widespread illiteracy, break down of traditional family systems, inequalities, unemployment, human rights violations, hunger and food insecurity to mention but afew! The above, with the persistent devastating effects of climate change still put the Iteso community in dire desperacy and in need of holistic help.

 Despite the several interventions by the government and other humanitarian agencies; abject poverty, domestic violence, poor sanitation and hygiene, early marriages, unemployment and recurrent food insecurity still persist among the Iteso and the people of Bukedea district thus impacting on their livelihood and the general socio-economic development in the region.

 It is against this background that Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) was conceived to bring about lasting hope among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of people across the Iteso communities through advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising.

About us

In-side view of our fully fledged office

Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) is a non-profit, Community Based Organization registered by Bukedea District Local Government on 8th June 2015working under registration No 18. Its offices are located in Bukedea town, along Tank Street, adjacent to the main market, plot 5, Bukedea Town Council, Bukedea District in Eastern region, Uganda.The formation of ADEGCO was out of deep aspiration by a group of young, committed, active citizens and passionate graduate youth to give back to communities, create a social positive impact and do an action at home by responding to the plights of the most vulnerable groups of people such as the youths, women/girl child, the sick, persons with disabilities and the aged impacted greatly by unemployment, political conflicts/wars, diseases, extreme poverty, gender and economic inequalities, climate change and other pressing community challenges in Teso sub-region in eastern Uganda and Bukedea District in particular. This is through initiation and designing of various programs that absorb various projects geared towards realizing and achieving development at community, household and personal levels. ADEGCO’s aim is to support the integration, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of the underprivileged, vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged groups of people in communities into the development paradigm shift and give everyone a choice for access to - and utilization of available resources. The idea to form ADEGCO is also attributed to the need to realize and achieve the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) at community level, Vision 2040 and complement in achieving the National Development Plan of Uganda (NDP, 2020). We hope that by empowering the most disadvantaged groups of people through building their own capacities, we can create sustainable/long-lasting change through generations. We use very flexible and people centered development approaches with a strong emphasis on active, inclusive and integrated participation by the community members, integration of their skills and talents for holistic empowerment and development.

Core values:


ADEGCO initiates itsprograms and implementsprojects under the following core values;


1.      Community-led development.


2.      Development principle of endogenity.


3.      Problem solving skills of innovation and creativity.


4.      Human Centered Design approach to problem-solving.


5.      Accountability.


6.      Transparency.


Mission statement:


ADEGCO works to promote the development principle of endogenity (development from within) among the vulnerable people for their holistic empowerment and development.


Grassroots communities that are integrated, inclusive and engaged in the development process for their own holistic empowerment, growth and sustainable development.


Overall Goal:


To empower vulnerable people in marginalized communities to be self-reliant through inclusive, integrated and participatory development approaches.


Specific Objectives of the Organization:


1. To empower the most vulnerable people in Bukedea district through inclusive participation for holistic developmentby 2022.


2. To absorb/implement innovative projects at grassroots community level from innovation hubs so as to benefit from the innovation eco-system.


3. To implement programs and projects geared towards solving communities’ most pressing challenges which affect vulnerable people in Bukedea district by 2022.


4. To advocate for appropriate action towards the plight of the most vulnerable people in the community by 2022.


5. To complement government’s role of providing services, promote the realization and achievement of the SDG’s and the NDP by 2030.



Thematic Program areas of intervention

We initiate and implement various projects focusing on these areas;




Environment and climate change

Human Rights

Economic Empowerment

Social Protection and Livelihoods

Target Group

Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of people;

Children and orphans

Women and widows

Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

Youth (in and out of school)

Internally displaced


Succesful Projects

Launch of our vegetable growing project

50 Impoverished women as direct beneficiaries attended the launch of the project

Beneficiaries Succesfully trained

Women empowered with the skills and knowledge in vegetable growing and selling for income generation

Locally Made Baskets

These beautiful baskets were weaved by women who were trained in practical and hands-on vocational skills

Different designs of the Baskets

These baskets were made in different designs and styles so as to increase on customers choice

Capacity building/training of Women

We recently trained women in micro-finance, entrepreneurship and livelihoods diversification to enable them have and develop resilient ways to communities' most pressing challenges

We give thanks to our partners for supporting us along

Contact us

Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO)


Postal Address.  P.O.BOX 5026, BUKEDEA, UGANDA

                   Tel:   +256 775800318/ +56 703610223




Physical Address.Our Offices are located off Bukedea - Kumi Road.

                              Along Tank street, Plot 5, adjacent to the main daily market.

                              Bukedea Town Council, Bukedea District.